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Providing professional development and local networking opportunities to enhance medical practice management in the North Georgia area since 1985!

Thursday, June 14, 2018
HIPAA - It's Not Just Once A Year Task Anymore

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Donna Grindle
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Data breaches are in the news practically every day.  Medical information is considered to be the most private and
the most valuable information.  Between high profile breaches, constant ransomware attacks and hacker activity, healthcare is in a cyberwar that many of you may not even know you are fighting.  Violations of your patient’s privacy can have potential far ranging effects that you probably aren’t even aware of at all.  
Your patients need your protection today more than ever.   Now is the time to get your ducks in a row before your pond is the really big mess featured on the evening news!  Learn why and how you should address HIPAA Privacy and Security differently in 2017.  
Participants will learn:
? Why privacy and security is a bigger concern now than in the past
? What will happen if you continue the way it has always been done in the past
? What things need to be done differently by you AND your Business Associates

? Ideas for where and how to start picking up your HIPAA pace
in 2017

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HIPAA Webinar
Cyber Hygiene:
Infection Control for Your Technology

  • Infection Prevention - Common Issue for People and Computers
  • Fundamental Elements - Preventing the Transmission
  • Standard Precautions - Preventing the most Obvious
  • The Number of Infections
  • What you Should Do

Please join us for a discussion on all of these questions.
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